Making information easy to read and understand: level 2 (Wrexham)

Date: 25.03.2020
Location: Wrexham

Woman and man reviewing Easy Read materials

This course will include a recap on the principles of Making Information Easy to Read and Understand Level 1 and then look at how delegates can develop and improve their skills.

The course will help delegates work with longer and more complex documents and will focus on:

  • developing your use of easy to understand language
  • inclusion of relevant information
  • dividing information up into useful sections
  • putting your document in a meaningful order
  • glossaries and indexes.

After this course delegates will

  • work out the relevant information to be included in an easy read document
  • structure long or complex documents so they are easy to follow
  • get feedback on work they have completed and advice for developing their skills further.

Follow up session

All delegates will be invited to a follow up session a few weeks after this course.  You will be able to meet up with your fellow learners and the tutor for a trouble shooting, advice and feedback session.

Designed for

Anyone who has attended Making information easy to read and understand  – level 1 or who has experience of writing information in Easy Read.

18 places available
Ticket for anyone who does not fall into any of the categories below.
£100.00 per person / day
For organisations with an annual income of less than £1Million.
£50.00 per person / day
Person with a learning disability
Anyone who has a learning disability attending in their own capacity or as a representative of an organisation as volunteer, member or employee.
£25.00 per person / day
Parent / Family Carer
Anyone who is a parent or family carer of a person with a learning disability
£25.00 per person / day
Paid Support
A paid carer supporting someone with a learning disability to attend the event who would not be able to attend/participate fully without support.
£25.00 per person / day
Anyone who is registered as a full or part time student not in employment
£25.00 per person / day
Date: 25/03/2020
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