What Llais has meant to you. How has life changed for you?

We are planning our last printed version of our magazine Llais (edition 122) and we are looking for contributions please!

We would like to include a page or two of 'soundbites' and/or pictures/photos/poems/cartoons from members and Llais readers that say either:

  • What Llais has meant to them over the years of production since 1989 and/or
  • How is life now compared to 10 or 20 years ago? What changes/improvements have happened in your life over the years? This can be from the perspective of a person with a learning disability, a parent/family carer or a worker.

The deadline is 10 July.

Llais will go out in late August. After this date we will be keeping you up to date with news and debate through our new (coming soon) website, Llais Update newsletter, Twitter, Facebook and regular e-news. We will feature timely blogs/articles on issues and more personal stories using video.

Please get in touch by email or ring Karen Warner on 029 2068 1171.

Thank you very much.