Llais magazine - it's not goodbye, it's au revoir

This is the last printed Llais after 28 years in production. 122 editions, 750 contributors, 1,500 photos and 850,000 words!

It is a bumper edition that you can read here covering:

  • Learning disability and the arts in Wales
  • Unearthing stories from long stay institutions
  • Co-production…handle with care
  • Llais mag, it's not goodbye, it's au revoir...some reflective words from editors and readers.
  • The singer not the song…development of self advocacy
  • Getting creative with mental health
  • Liz and Rob…blossoming with Dimensions
  • Irlen syndrome, are you aware?
  • Considering sight loss for people with a learning disability

I am sure some people will miss the physical feel of Llais, the photos and great design. But is a new and forever changing communications world. Social media and the internet have revolutionised not just the way we gain information, but how we want it presented in shorter more accessible bites.

We will continue to raise debate, ask the more challenging questions and help you have your voice heard. But in different ways.

We will be launching our new website soon that will be responsive to mobile phones and tablets which will contain resources, blogs and videos. We will continue to produce our e-newsletter Llais Update and post daily on facebook and twitter. Also we will send timely and important news to your email inbox.