Give your views on Creating a Parliament for Wales

The Commission of the National Assembly for Wales have launched a public consultation about the future arrangements for the Assembly including the name, the size of the Assembly and the voting method for elected representatives.

The statement says:

"On 1 April 2018 devolution in Wales will enter a new phase, as many of the provisions of the Wales Act 2017 will come into force. A key part of the Wales Act 2017 is that it gives the Assembly itself, for the first time, powers to amend parts of the Government of Wales Act 2006 which set out the Assembly's electoral, organisational and internal arrangements. Previously, these powers rested with the UK Parliament".

The Assembly Commission launched a consultation 'Creating a Parliament for Wales' inviting the views of the public and stakeholders on the Expert Panel on Assembly Electoral Reform's recommendations and on other potential electoral, organisational or internal reforms.

The Expert Panel has recommended that the Assembly needs between 20 and 30 additional Members elected through a more proportional electoral system with diversity at its heart. It also recommended lowering the minimum voting age for National Assembly elections to include sixteen and seventeen year olds.

The consultation period will last from 12 February 2018 to 6 April 2018.

Learning Disability Wales produced the easy read version and easy read response form on behalf of the Assembly Commission.

Information and all documents can be found here:

There is also a microsite where you can respond via a survey: