Are you a trainer?

Would you like to help people with a learning disability understand their rights around assessment and care planning?

Learning Disability Wales are looking for people to run training sessions to groups of people with a learning disability and others.

We have developed training called 'What matter to me' to help people understand the assessment and care planning process under the Social Services and Well-being Act.

The training aims to help people know their rights and to be able to take part. Meaningful participation is only possible if people understand what is happening and know how they should be involved.

We have developed a 1.5 hour and 3 hour training session and an easy read booklet.

Trainers will be paid. You can be an individual or be part of a small team of trainers.  We are particularly interested to hear from trainers who have a learning disability.

If you are interested in joining us as a trainer you can see our What Matters to Me project page or contact Simon Rose on 029 2068 1173.