Learning Disability Wales is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website. We have worked hard over the past year to bring you a new website that is easy to use, informative, and now offers quick and secure online payments for our training courses and events.

Bydd ein gwefan Cymraeg yn cael ei lansio ar 17 Hydref. Gallwch chi dal weld ein hen wefan Cymraeg yma, yr ydym yn ei chadw’n gyfoes nes bod ein gwefan newydd Cymraeg yn fyw. (Our Welsh website will be launched on 17 October. You can still view our old Welsh website here, which we are keeping up-to-date until our new Welsh website is live).

Two young men and a young woman wearing a hijab in an office and smiling at the camera


Our new website is now also responsive, meaning that it is now much easier to use on smart phones and tablets. We are excited to announce that our website now includes:

  • Fast and secure online payments for all our training courses and events.
  • Improved news and policy section – making it easier for you to keep up with news from the learning disability sector in Wales; our crucial policy and lobbying work; and new articles and features from our online magazine, Llais.
  • New quick and easy way to become a member of Learning Disability Wales.
  • Improved project pages, allowing you to learn more about our work.
  • New ‘donation’ feature to allow our supporters to donate and support our work.
  • Improved usability and accessibility – including clearer text and photos, and a general improved ‘look and feel’, allowing for a nicer experience moving around the website and finding the information you need.
  • Easier to use search, and more detailed search results.
  • Improved social media sharing, making it easier for you to share our information and resources on your own social media pages.

We are also very excited to announce that we have made for free our popular Clear and Easy handbook. You can now download for free all the resources in the handbook that guides you through writing, producing and quality checking your own easy read information for people with a learning disability.

Over the next month we will further improve our new website by adding:

A new website – and news of our funding

Commenting on our new website, Learning Disability Wales Chief Executive Martyn Jones said: “I am really excited about the launch of our new website because all the hard work that has gone into its development has been driven by a commitment to ensure our online presence is as inclusive and accessible as possible. The timing of the launch is also important because it comes just days after we received confirmation from Welsh Government that Ministers have agreed to continue funding for our Valued Lives project.

“This announcement from Welsh Government means we will be able to continue the fantastic work we do to make meaningful changes in the lives of people with learning disabilities of all ages and the their families and carers across Wales. It also gives us time to plan and strengthen our links with current and new stakeholders to enable Learning Disability Wales to perform its key leadership role in delivering the Welsh Government ‘Improving Lives Programme’ and we look forward to working closely with Gwenda Thomas, the new chair of the Learning Disability Ministerial Advisory Group, to achieve this objective.

“The new website will also help us continue work on our many other projects such as Working Together with Parents, Love Life and Gig Buddies Cardiff, and will also be used to help us deliver more and better services such as Easy Read Wales, and our training programme. As the lead partner on the Engage to Change project, we will continue to work with all our partners and develop the close working relationship we have with the Big Lottery to manage and coordinate delivery of the largest project it has administered in Wales.

“This is an exciting time for Learning Disability Wales as we reinvigorate our efforts to ensure we protect the rights of people with learning disabilities now and in the future. To find out more you can not only use our new website to access information but to book a place at All our Futures, our annual conference on the 13th – 14th November.”