Valued Lives

Working together to Inform, Train, Innovate, Represent and Challenge

April 2016 - March 2019. Funded by Welsh Government Sustainable Social Services Third Sector Grant.

From April 2016 we are delivering our Valued Lives project. Our work is entwined with the vision of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act to promote the well-being, rights, protection and interests of people with a learning disability from birth to old age.

Valued Lives Web

Through Valued Lives we want children, young people and adults with a learning disability across Wales to be empowered to have greater choice and control over their lives and are able to live more independently. We will do this through four work areas:


Delivering a stronger well-informed voice of people with a learning disability and their families by providing an accessible and bilingual information service. We will:

  • deliver information and engage with people through a variety of channels. These include magazine, digital newsletter, website, social media and events.
  • produce easy read resources such as rights and assessment/care planning for people with a learning disability and their families.
  • use video stories to promote good practice.
  • make new photos available for our members to use.


Creating a skilled and knowledgeable workforce by providing a comprehensive training and events programme. We will:

  • deliver courses each year across Wales according to sector needs.
  • hold an annual learning event.
  • deliver learning sessions around the assessment and care planning under the Act.
  • train people with a learning disability to help them understand their rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. In partnership with All Wales People First.
  • hold 4 regional events each year promoting new ways to deliver services including co-production.


Ensuring new or better service models are introduced for people with a learning disability. We will:

  • set up a 'Stay up Late' network to share good practice in helping people have the social life at times that suit them.
  • work with others to help people a learning disability and challenging behaviour get better services.
  • Campaign to get more people with a learning disability into work.

Represent and Challenge

Ensure that the voice of people with a learning disability is heard and responded to.

We will work with others to advise, change opinion and policy on areas such as:

  • additional learning needs
  • inequality in early years provision
  • looked after children
  • transition
  • person centred planning
  • welfare benefits
  • pan-disability
  • mental capacity
  • workforce qualifications
  • easy read
  • parents with a learning disability
  • supported living.

We will do this by working with National Assembly, Welsh Government, statutory sector and voluntary sector. We will provide information and research based evidence, facilitate networks, provide briefing sessions and participate in groups.

To deliver Valued Lives we will:

  • Work with other organisations.
  • Include people with a learning disability in planning and delivering the project including being a trustee and delivering training.
  • Deliver the project across Wales by our staff and trustees, in partnership with stakeholders.
  • Recognise and respond to the needs of Welsh speakers and promote the use of Welsh.
  • Engage with our members to get their views on how they want us to deliver the project and let them know, and other stakeholders, how we are getting on.

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