All our futures

This conference will look at how we can invest in a better future for people with a learning disability by changing the way we do things and doing different things.

The world around us is changing and the money we have to help us adjust is decreasing.  We must promote well-being and ensure rights are protected now and in the future.  To do this we need to adapt and meet changing expectations by exploring all the resources we have available, including new technology.

"All our futures" will focus on issues from childhood through adulthood and into older age including:

  • Promoting wellbeing and protecting rights 
  • New ideas in commissioning, designing and delivering services
  • Embracing technologies
  • Encouraging ambition and expectation
  • Early years education / support
  • Investing in transitions throughout life
  • Ensuring equal health outcomes
  • Community building

The conference theme will draw on the relevant key laws and policies in Wales:  

  • The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act
  • Social Services and Well-being Act
  • Prosperity for All
  • Improving Lives

We have opportunities to share your organisation's work by running a workshop or presentation on how you are working for a better future and doing things differently.

You can also show your work by exhibiting at the event or raise your profile through a number of sponsorship options.

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Questions and queries

If you have any questions or queries about Love your health contact Harriett on 029 2068 1161 or email

This conference is part of our Valued Lives project

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13 & 14 November 2018