Person Centred Thinking Skills

Course Aims

This one day training provides participants with the skills to use the core person centred thinking tools needed to develop a one page profi le, and how to act on this and to understand how using person centred thinking and one page profiles can help to deliver personalised services.

"A well-defined understanding of 'important to and for' and a regular review of 'what's working/not working' that actually guides action is a necessary condition for any form of service provision." John O'Brien

The course will provide you with techniques and skills to:

  • Use the core person centred thinking tools required to develop one page profiles with people supported and others who are present in their lives; by identifying and separating what is important to someone from what's important for them. And recording this information in the form of a onepage profile.
  • Know how a one page profile can be the beginning and the foundations of a support plan and how to decide which person centred thinking tool to use to develop a one page profile into a person centred essential lifestyle plan or a support plan.
  • Ensure the one page profile develops and grows based on what individuals are telling us is working and not working in their lives and the importance
    of the process being reviewed and leading to clear outcomes and actions which make a difference in a person's life.
  • Identifying what are core responsibilities and where you can use judgment and creativity and what is not your paid responsibility.
  • Record how someone communicates through using a communication chart.

Designed for

Senior managers, first line managers, family members and carers and support workers.

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Member rate £137
Non Member £158
Person with a learning disability £53
Parent or family carer £53
Paid carer supporting someone on the day £53
Special Offer £83