How we are run

We are governed by our Board of Trustees, which is responsible for the management of Learning Disability Wales and sets our strategic direction.


Our core funding comes from the Welsh Government. We also receive funding from various other sources to run a number of projects to improve the lives of children, young people and adults with a learning disability.


Learning Disability Wales is a charity (registration number 1062858) and a company limited by guarantee (registration number 02326324).

We are governed by the rules laid out in our memorandum and articles of association, these rules include the structure of our management committee and how trustees are elected.

Our Management Committee

We continually strive to achieve a diverse board of trustees that includes our members, people with a learning disability and the wider society in general with an interest in our work, to manage Learning Disability Wales and to help us achieve our mission.

The structure of our Management Committee consists of two main categories:

Our Community of Interests reflect the learning disability world and allow eleven people representing a full member organisation to join us as a trustee.

Community of Interest

Number of representatives

Adult providers


Self advocacy


Parents and carers


Children's providers


Citizen advocacy


Supported employment


Family support providers


UK links



Our Open Seats allow five people from the wider society who have an interest in our work to join us as a trustee.

To help us create a balanced board, trustees have the power to co-opt Advisors who bring their knowledge and expertise to the Management Committee.

Our trustees are elected by our full members at our Annual General Meeting and serve for two years. To find out more about our current trustees see our trustees page.

Honorary Officers

Our Chairs, Vice Chair and Treasurer have responsibility to lead the organisation and to make sure we meet our governance and legal responsibilities and achieve our business plan.

Management Committee meetings

The Management Committee meets four times a year. Meetings are a mix of face-to-face meetings and video conferences. Papers are prepared in plain English and meetings are conducted in an accessible way that allows all our trustees to fully participate. 

Trustees delegate financial responsibility and employment matters to the Finance & Human Resource Sub Group that monitors our accounts and keeps the Management Committee fully informed and makes appropriate recommendations. It also makes sure that we are compliant with all relevant legislative financial and employment requirements.

Trustees delegate the day-to-day running of Learning Disability Wales to its paid staff team. The distinction between the responsibility of paid staff and trustees is laid out in our schedule of delegated authority that trustees review annually.

For more information about how we are run and our Management Committee contact Joanne Moore: phone 029 20681168, email