Nathan Lee Davies has successfully led a campaign to force the Welsh Government to reverse its decision to scrap the Welsh Independent Living Grant (WILG) which was introduced to support disabled people with high support needs in Wales to live independently, with an estimated 1,300 people in Wales receiving support through the scheme.

At their spring conference members of Welsh Labour voted in favour of a motion that called on the Government to maintain WILG until, at least, the next National Assembly elections in 2021. Before the vote, Davies had secured support from Labour’s UK leader Jeremy Corbyn, who posed for as picture holding one of the campaign’s ‘WHERE THERE’S A W.I.L.G. THERE’S A WAY’ t-shirts.

After the vote Davies posted a blog where he describes his ‘emotional day’ following a victory he said was ‘key for disabled rights across Wales and throughout the UK’. However, he has informed the Disability News Service that the passing of the motion was ‘obviously the high point of our ever-growing campaign’ but it ‘does not mean that we have succeeded in securing WILG’, arguing ‘we must continue with our campaign and ensure the Welsh government listen and act upon the wishes of their members’.

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