Welsh Youth Parliament – Sustainable Travel Survey – Easy Read

April 2023 | Sustainable Travel Survey. What do you think about ways of travelling in Wales?

The Welsh Youth Parliament asked us to make an Easy Read version of their survey. They want to know what people aged 9 to 25 think about sustainable travel.

Sustainable travel is travel that does less harm to the environment. It is public transport and active travel. They want to understand what is stopping more young people from travelling sustainably.

The survey asks about things like how you travel and the transport services in your area. You can fill in the survey by 28 July 2023 to tell them what you think.

We also made a Welsh Easy Read version of the survey. Both surveys are digitally accessible for screen readers and other assistive technology.

Press the red download button to view and save the survey.

You can visit the Welsh Youth Parliament website for more information.

Please contact us if you want to know more about any of our services: easyread@ldw.org.uk.