What Matters to me – Free session

Date: 02.12.2019
Location: Llanrwst

group of people at a workshop

In 2016 a new law came in called the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act. There are new rules about how local authorities should assess people for care and support, draw up and deliver care plans based on their assessment.
This session is interactive and includes presentation, discussion and group work.
Getting you to think about what you need help with.

Getting you to think about what ‘matters to you’.

What to do if you need care and support.

  • Your Assessment.
  • What well-being means
  • How to be involved
  • What you can get help with
  • Your Care and Support Plan
  • Your Review
  • ‘Postcard from the future’.
  • Quiz to check out what you have learnt.

The session will be delivered by experienced trainers, some who have a learning disability themselves.

What materials will you get?

  • You will have a training workbook to use and take away.
  • Group work includes using pictures and sticky labels.
  • You will get an easy read booklet on assessment and care planning.

This is a 3 hour session which includes breaks and refreshments.

15 places available
Ticket for anyone who does not fall into any of the categories below.
£0.00 per person / day
For organisations with an annual income of less than £1Million.
£0.00 per person / day
Person with a learning disability
Anyone who has a learning disability attending in their own capacity or as a representative of an organisation as volunteer, member or employee.
£0.00 per person / day
Parent / Family Carer
Anyone who is an unpaid carer for a person with a learning disability. The person with a learning disability does not have to be with the person.
£0.00 per person / day
Paid Support
A paid carer supporting someone with a learning disability to attend the event who would not be able to attend/participate fully without support
£0.00 per person / day
Anyone who is registered as a full or part time student not in employment
£0.00 per person / day
Date: 02/12/2019
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