‘Anwen and Katie, the new Welsh Youth Parliament Members representing young disabled people in Wales, met for the first time with their fellow Youth Parliament Members at their regional meetings on Saturday 26th January. Anwen met her fellow Welsh Youth Parliament Members from the South West region, whilst Katie the Members from the North Wales Region.

It was a busy day in which they got to grips with the rules, regulations and shared what it meant for them to be a Welsh Youth Parliament Member. Assembly Members joined the young people for lunch and to share some tips on public speaking.

During the day, young people shared what their priorities are for the next two years . They included the environment, particularly reusable plastics, LGBTQ plus issues, support for disabled children and young people, access to education, and lots more. The next time the young people meet will be during the February half term. They will gather at the Senedd, in Cardiff Bay, and have the opportunity to speak about their most important issue within the very same chamber that AMs gather to conduct Welsh Assembly business.

If you are a young person in Wales and would like to have your say about issues that affect you can get involved by responding to the survey the Welsh Youth Parliament are currently running.