Welsh Government has developed a Covid-19 workforce risk assessment tool to enable anyone working or volunteering in Wales to check if they are at greater risk of serious effects from coronavirus. 

The tool allows you to consider your personal risk factors and suggests actions that can help you stay safe. Once you have completed the risk assessment, you should then discuss your score with your line manager and any other relevant people such as occupational health, union representatives or advocates to ensure you are appropriately protected while working or volunteering. 

There are 4 risk assessment tools designed to be used for specific types of workplace: 

There is also an easy read version (PDF) that was developed by our Easy Read Wales team to enable people with a learning disability to check their level of risk from Covid-19 while working or volunteering. 

Further guidance on the Covid-19 workforce risk assessment tool, including answers to frequently asked questions, is also available on the Welsh Government website.