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Parents with a learning disability and their children experience significant discrimination and disadvantage. While there is established positive practice in supporting these parents, provision is still poor.

The good practice that does exist is threatened by the current financial climate, lack of consideration of parents’ needs in policy and a lack of awareness by professionals of the specific support needs of parents with a learning disability. All of these factors contribute to an unacceptably high percentage of families where one or more parents has a learning disability having their children removed by social services.

We aim to change this situation in Wales by influencing the development and implementation of relevant legislation, policies and practices that directly or indirectly affect parents with a learning disability.

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In order to achieve this, we facilitate network meetings across Wales for parents and professionals to share experiences, ideas and good practice. We also promote positive practice across Wales to parents, professionals and practitioners and raise awareness of the specific needs of parents with a learning disability.

You can find useful information for parents and professionals in our Resources section under Parents with a learning disability.


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