The Equalities and Human Rights Commission has released the results of a study on public transport in Wales which has found major problems for disabled people and older people in Wales

The report Accessible public transport for older and disabled people in Wales which was released on 1. December 2020 finds that equality considerations for disabled and older people were not given enough importance in public transport in Wales.

The report is based on a row of focus groups with older and disabled people as well as organisations representing these groups. Learning Disability Wales took part in one of the focus groups. The report found that:

Older and disabled people told us that they found the public transport system in Wales largely inaccessible. They faced a broad range of barriers to travel within a system that did not conform to the social model of disability,3 or support their independence. Consequently, they felt their opportunities had been limited, and that they had been left behind.

For public transport to become accessible and inclusive, public bodies must develop and deliver actions that respond to the needs of older and disabled people. This research shows that better consideration and integration of equality into transport strategies and policies, using the Wales specific duties as a guide, will ensure that public bodies meet the aims of the Public Sector Equalities Duty, and build an accessible and inclusive public transport system in Wales.

The whole report in English and Wales can be found on the EHRC website here