When Sophie first moved into a mirus house in 2017 she was very shy and reserved. Sophie didn’t have much confidence and was fearful to go out by herself. Through skills teaching and confidence building Sophie started off small by going to the shop by herself using the maps facility on her smartphone.

Sophie then decided to take herself to her class she attends. She got a little lost! But with the help of her smartphone Sophie found her way using Google maps!

Sophie is now going into town with friends to the cinema but they sometimes they decide en route to change their plans and go out for food instead. Using google maps, Sophie can do this without support.

When people think of personalised technology, they often think of specialised technology that can be expensive. But a lot of technology is built into everyday gadgets that everyone uses. It is knowing about it and being shown how to use it that helps people with a learning disability.

Our event 3 July Support for living in the 21st century

Do you want to find out more how technology can help people with a learning disability, come to our event ‘Support for living in the 21st Century’ on 3 July in Swansea. There are reasonable rates available.