How to produce easy read information for Welsh speakers with a learning disability.

Learning Disability Wales and Mencap Cymru have produced guidelines for making information easy to read and understand for people with a learning disability who speak Welsh.

The guidelines, produced in 2012, are intended for writers and translators of Easy Read materials in Welsh, and anyone who is commissioning Easy Read work.

Often Easy Read English does not easily translate into Easy Read Welsh. These guidelines will assist in ensuring that Easy Read documents in Welsh are of a higher standard.

The bilingual guidelines are in two parts:

  1. An introduction for commissioners of Easy Read, explaining why it is important that people with a learning disability who speak Welsh receive information in Easy Read Welsh.
  2. Guidelines for translators, which gives suggestions to consider when translating or writing Easy Read information through the medium of Welsh.

The bilingual guidelines were made possible through a grant from the Third Sector Development Fund, in conjunction with Estyn Llaw and the Welsh Language Board. We are also grateful to the Welsh Government for match funding staff time.

The guidelines were written by Eluned Jones, an experienced Easy Read writer and translator. The project was in consultation with Welsh translators, people with learning disabilities and parents/carers.