Welsh Government – Single Use Plastic Products Draft Guidance – Easy Read

October 2023 | The law is changing about some plastic products in Wales.

The Welsh Government asked us to make an Easy Read version of their draft guidance.  It is about a new law in Wales banning some types of single use plastic products.

The ban will happen in stages, stage 1 starts on 30 October 2023. The guide tells you what is being banned and when. It explains what business need to do and what they can use instead of plastic.

The guide describes when the law will not apply. For example, people who need to use plastic straws due to a health issue or disability will still be allowed to use them. Spoons that come with medicines are not banned.

We also made a Welsh Easy Read version of the guide. Both are digitally accessible for screen readers and other assistive technology.

Press the red download button to view an accessible PDF of the guide.

You can visit the Welsh Government website to find out more.

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By Easy Read Wales | Hawdd ei Ddeall Cymru.