Person using a communication app on an ipad

A lot of people with a learning disability in Wales are digitally excluded so are not able to benefit fully from all the opportunities that the internet and technology can provide. During the coronavirus pandemic this has meant that many people with a learning disability have been even more socially excluded than before.

There are lots of reasons why someone with a learning disability may be digitally excluded:

  • People not knowing how to get online
  • People not knowing what they can do online
  • Lack of access to equipment or support to use equipment
  • Information and instructions given are not accessible
  • Service providers or parent/carers not supporting someone to getonline or even preventing them
  • Fears of risk and safety when on-line
  • No broadband in their home
  • Poor broadband or 4G services in their area
  • Poverty

We would like you to join us to hear your view on digital exclusion and how you are working to overcome it.

We want to come up with some actions that we can agree on to tackle the digital exclusion of people with a learning disability in Wales.

After the meeting we will write an article for the Learning Disability Wales website about what people across Wales are doing and what we want to happen to make change happen.  Why not look at the resource,  information and news already on our website.

When you register, you will be sent instructions on how to join the online session.  Please check you have the right equipment, see below.