Building skills and confidence of staff to support people with a learning disability to use technology

Please join us on Thursday 12 August to join in with talks and discussions on how to build the skills and confidence of support staff so they can help people with a learning disability use technology in their lives.

There are many ways for people with a learning disability to use technology to communicate, increase their independence and get on with their lives in the modern world.

Using technology in day-to-day lives has moved on from a luxury or add-on to an essential part of modern life.

Support workers can play a key role in enabling people to make the most of these opportunities by

  • finding out what people want in life and what technology can help
  • helping people get the right technology
  • supporting people with getting to grips with new technology including teaching them new skills.
  • overcoming barriers and taking a positive approach to risk.

It is essential that the support services and support workers of today are skilled and confident to incorporate technology into the support they provide.

Join us to hear how various organisations across Wales are supporting staff development and practice so technology becomes an everyday accepted part of the lives and support of people with a learning disability.

Speakers include

  • Emma Nichols and Vince Scaif, Hft
  • Sorin Annuar , Mirus – support provider
  • Aaron Edwards, Assistive Technology Learning Innovation Network