Woman with a learning disability wearing a mask talking to a support worker

The COVID-19 pandemic has stopped and changed a lot of the things we do, our relationships and the support we get.

Everyone has found these changes hard, but all our experiences are different.

People with a learning disability have had their own unique experiences and challenges that have to be understood and listened to so we can plan to make things better in the future.

This event is the second of several to highlight the effect the pandemic has had on people with learning disabilities in Wales.  It will share what we have learnt so far from the study and will discuss what this means for services and policy now and in the future

We will hear from leaders across Wales about their responses to the pandemic and the plans for supporting people with learning disabilities as the pandemic continues. There will be time for you to talk about what needs to happen to make sure people with learning disabilities in Wales have better experiences in the future.

This event will:

  1. Explain what the Coronavirus and Learning Disability Study is.
  2. Share and discuss what we have found out in Wales so far.
  3. Hear what implications this has for policy and services for people with learning disabilities.
  4. Discuss what you think the findings mean for future planning.

This event is hosted by the organisations that have been involved in running the Learning Disability and Coronavirus Study in Wales.  University of South Wales and Cardiff University will be doing the study with help from Learning Disability Wales, the All Wales Forum of Parents and Carers, and All Wales People First.

Speakers include

Sophie Hinksman and Humie Webb, Co-chairs of the Learning Disability Ministerial Advisory Group

Joe Powell, All Wales People First

Stuart Todd, University of South Wales

Wayne Crocker, Mencap Cymru

Who should attend

Anyone interested in understanding the experiences of people with learning disabilities during lockdown in Wales and what these mean for the future.

For more information

You can get more information about this event by emailing  any of the following people:





Date, time and venue

Online via Teams

Monday 21 June 2021

1:00 pm until 2:30 pm

If you have a learning disability and need any help or support to book a place please ring Tracey on 07956082211