Learning Disability Wales is sending our warmest wishes of congratulations and thanks to Gerraint Jones-Griffiths as he takes up his new role as Lead Ambassador for the Engage to Change project.

The Engage to Change Lead Ambassador will organise and support a team of Project Ambassadors, who are to be recruited in the next few months, whilst also encouraging participation by promoting the project at a wide range of events, including open days, school visits, and visits to potential employers.

Gerraint has been employed by Learning Disability Wales for the past 18 months, where he has played a valuable role as the administrator for Engage to Change. Gerraint’s perspective as a young person who has been through the project himself will offer a valuable insight to young people, parents/carers, and employers alike.

Gerraint was selected by an interview panel following a recruitment procedure that included a two-day interview process for shortlisted candidates.

“I am looking forward to working with Gerraint and I’m delighted to have him on board,” said Director of All Wales People First Joe Powell, the Engage to Change partner organisation who will now employ Gerraint. “I know he’s been a real asset to Learning Disability Wales who have in turn shown him enormous support and faith in the opportunities they have given him.

“All candidates were superb and we were impressed by every single one of them. The interview process was without a doubt one of the highlights of my time with AWPF. Enormous talent, and all lovely people.”

Succeeding in the workplace

Gerraint himself is equally delighted with his new role. “Thank you Engage to Change, I am very much looking forward to being your Lead Ambassador. My philosophy is that young people with autism and/or a learning disability can and will succeed in the workplace through this amazing project and through our delivery partners ELITE Supported Employment Agency and Agoriad Cyf.

“I am very much looking forward to be working with the National Director Joe Powell, the National Council Development Officer Tracey Drew and all the team at AWPF, but I have thoroughly enjoyed being the Engage to Change Project Administrator and I will miss the amazing team I call my family at Learning Disability Wales terribly.”

Gerraint has been a valued member of Learning Disability Wales during his time as administrator for Engage to Change. Jenna Trakins, Project Manager, said: “We will really miss Gerraint being a part our team, but we are thrilled to know that All Wales People First will now benefit from all his skills and passion. Congratulations to Gerraint, who we are sure will make an excellent Lead Ambassador!”

The Learning Disability Wales team celebrated Gerraint’s new role with a special goodbye lunch for Gerraint, who starts his new role as Lead Ambassador for Engage to Change on March 5th.