Learning Disability Wales has published a new long-term strategy that supports our vision of Wales becoming the best country in the world for people with a learning disability to live, learn and work.

Our new strategy is a result of a year-long consultation with the learning disability sector in Wales, from people with a learning disability and their families, to professionals and service providers working with people with a learning disability. The strategy sets out our plans for the next five years, including our three areas of priority (which will be reviewed after two years): Health and well-being, Education, and Employment.

Launching our new strategy, Zoe Richards, our Acting Chief Executive, said:

“It is with much enthusiasm that we launch our 5 year strategy for Learning Disability Wales. It has been a year of reflection and pushing boundaries to better understand the new uncertain world we are living in and how people with a learning disability are able to live in a changing Wales, whilst making valued contributions to today’s society.

“Last November we set out to find out what our stakeholders needed and wanted from Learning Disability Wales. When these responses were brought together it gave us a clear pathway to model our work over the next five years. Key to the strategy is our promise to keep co-creating with our stakeholders, have a greater presence within more communities in Wales, and work with wider society to reduce the stigma that people with a learning disability still face.

“Our strategy outlines our areas of priority over the next five years, which are Health and well-being, Education, and Employment, whilst letting you know how we will make changes to ensure we are at the forefront of ensuring that Wales is the best country for a person worth a learning disability to live, learn and work.

Annual report

“To coincide with the release of our new strategy we have also published our annual report for April 2018 to March 2019, which will take you on a tour of last year’s achievements and highlights. There are many pictures telling a thousand stories about people’s lives. As always, we would value your comments on our new strategy and annual report. Please get in touch by emailing us at enquiries@ldw.org.uk.”

You can download our new 5 year strategy and an easy read version of the strategy here.

You can download our new annual report here.