We are running workshops at our annual conference this year in North and South Wales.

You can see about all our workshops for 24 November in Llandudno Junction. When you have decided which ones you want to join, sign up at the link below:

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Workshops at ‘Where do we go from here?’ – 24 November, Llandudno Junction

Engage to Change – Supporting people into work

People with a learning disability and autistic people can work if they have the right job and the right support. This workshop will talk about how Engage to Change helped young people gain employment in Wales and you will hear from young people who were on the project. We would like to hear your views about employment and what you think. What are the things that would help raise the employment rate as we move forward following Covid?

ForMi – Rich stories of achievement in words and pictures

ForMi is a smartphone App that supports people to take as much control of their own plan as possible, helping them to achieve the things that are important TO them. We won a Welsh Government competition in 2020 called ‘Better Life closer to Home’, which included funding to carry out tests of the system within organisations across Wales. This included local authorities and other organisations.

For the individual it helps them to record their story of achievement in words and pictures, just like social media apps such as Facebook. They also have Circle of support who they are connected with via the app. These people can help them capture their story and provide encouragement on a daily basis.

For the organisation, it shows other people how well they are helping individuals get what matters most to them – their outcomes. Come and listen to our story and find out more.

Supported Parenting for People with Learning Disabilities – An opportunity to explore and discuss with Shared Lives Plus

People with learning disabilities have the right to be supported in their parenting role, just as their children have the right to live to live in a safe and supportive environment, but between 40-60% of parents with learning disabilities have their children removed.

This workshop will explore:

  • Best practice when supporting parents with learning disabilities
  • The differences between supported parenting and substituted parenting
  • How Shared Lives has been supporting parents with learning disabilities
  • What resources exist to support professionals supporting parents with learning disabilities and as well as resources for parents themselves.

North Wales Transformation Team – My life, my way: Designing my person centred future

During the pandemic many individuals have had a chance to think about what is really important in their life. We will take some time to chat about the big things we have learned. We will focus on the questions – do I really have a life and the support that works for me? Am I achieving the goals and outcomes that I really want.

We will then hear about some of the key activities our Transformation Programme has been focusing on during the pandemic and coming out the other side. In particular – projects that focus on friendships, relationships and community. Work that is raising a greater awareness of Direct Payments as a way of achieving your personal goals. And, going back to Person Centred Planning as a good way of being in charge of your own life & support.

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