We are running workshops at our annual conference this year in North and South Wales.

You can see about all our workshops for 16 November in Newport below.


Workshops at ‘Where do we go from here?’ – 16 November, Newport

Dimensions Cymru – Where do we go from here or there?

Since 2020 we have all been through a lot and had restrictions placed on us. “Getting back to normal” is something we heard a lot. What is “normal”? For many people life before the pandemic was not great. Do we want to go back to that?

Engage to Change – Supporting people into work

People with a learning disability and autistic people can work if they have the right job and the right support. This workshop will talk about how Engage to Change helped young people gain employment in Wales and you will hear from young people who were on the project. We would like to hear your views about employment and what you think. What are the things that would help raise the employment rate as we move forward following Covid?

Learning Disability Wales – Looking after ourselves

In this workshop we will be talking about how life changed during the pandemic and what people did to feel good and take care of themselves.

We will be talking about good mental health and well-being and why it is important. We will look at what happens in our bodies and brains when we are stressed.

We will look at what happens in our bodies and brains when we are stressed. We will then learn how Mindfulness can help and carrying out a short Mindfulness session.

Mirus – Developing personal and community networks

Coming out of the pandemic people told us that what was most important to them was meeting friends and connecting back to the communities they are part of.  Some people wanted to get back to what they were doing before the pandemic, while other people wanted to try new things and meet new people.

This workshop will share some of the approaches we are taking to help develop people’s personal and community networks.  As part of this workshop we will share some real life examples from the people we support.  We will be able to answer any questions people have and we would love to hear people’s views on what we are doing and anything we can consider for the future.


All of the workshops at our conference are sponsored by Drive, Mirus, Pobl, and Shared Lives Plus.

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