We are delighted to welcome Taylor Florence back to the staff team at Learning Disability Wales. Thanks to funding from Kickstart, Taylor has joined our Policy and Communications team as our new Trainee Communications Assistant.

Taylor has cropped black hair and is wearing a grey hooded top with the hood upHi, my name’s Taylor. I’m so pleased to be back working with Learning Disability Wales! Honestly, I was more in shock this time than the last time I worked here!

Currently in my job role I work alongside a few colleagues from the Policy and Communications team as a Trainee Communications Assistant. I’ll be helping them out with tasks, for example promoting and sharing content to our social media pages and raising awareness of issues that affect people with a learning disability. I am also helping the communications team by looking at how we communicate with people and seeing how we could improve.

There is a lot to do, but thankfully the role is a 6-month placement funded by the KickStart Scheme, through the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). I wouldn’t be working at Learning Disability Wales without this scheme, so thank you DWP.

Before my new job role, I previously worked at Learning Disability Wales as an Administrative Assistant. I was also an intern for the Engage to Change’s DFN Project SEARCH.

As a neurodivergent person I’m passionate about the rights of people with a learning disability. I feel it’s important that every disabled person has a voice to be heard in an open and supportive manner. Unfortunately, this is still lacking and has its barriers. For example, in the workplace where only a small percentage of people with a learning disability are in employment. However, I’m so blessed to have schemes and tools such as Engage to Change and easy read information that help disabled people live better lives.

In my spare time I tend to do photography, and sometimes I go for some walks along the way. However, at this moment I only do photography on my phone. Other hobbies include gaming, karaoke (which I sound bad) and listening to music.