Welsh Government has launched a new educational framework for healthcare staff to make sure people with a learning disability get the best care possible.

What is the Learning Disability Educational Framework for Healthcare Staff?

The Framework has as its aim to outline the knowledge, skills and competences that staff in healthcare need in order to provide the best care for people with a learning disability. This will hopefully make it easier for people with a learning disability to get quick access to good quality healthcare and make them and their families more confident that healthcare staff will treat them well. The Framework also sets out ways individual managers, workers and organisations can plan and support the right education for healthcare staff and make sure everyone can access the education they need to give people with a learning disability the right care.

What does the Paul Ridd Foundation think about the Framework?

We asked the Paul Ridd Foundation what they thought about the new framework that they have fought so long and hard for. Charity Manager Bridget Robinson told us:

We are delighted to have worked with the NHS in Wales and Welsh Government to have produced this Learning Disability Awareness Training.  Since Paul’s death in 2009, we have worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the inequalities faced by people with a learning disability when accessing healthcare.  This training is a key milestone for us to have reached, as now every person working within the NHS in Wales will have to undergo the Paul Ridd Learning Disability Awareness Training. 

This resource will give staff some awareness of the barriers faced by people with a learning disability when accessing healthcare, and will provide the tools to remove these barriers.  

We look forward to this training being further developed and expanded with the second and third tiers.

The whole framework is available in these formats (all files open as PDF)

Easy Read English

Easy Read Welsh

Non-Easy Read English

Non-Easy Read Welsh.