Support for living in the 21st century

Date: 10.03.2020
Location: Llanrwst

Modern technology is playing an increasing role in our day to day lives bringing with it both benefits and frustrations.

These technologies can offer benefits for people who need support. But we are in danger of letting people become excluded from modern life if we do not make sure that everyone gets opportunities to use it.

Simple off the shelf items like smart phones or voice controlled appliances in the home are mainstream. But are people who live in supported living getting the most out of them in their lives?

Specialist technology such as telecare is available but is its low uptake because it is not useful or because of cost, organisational policy or other concerns?

Support for living in the 21st century will look at how 3 organisations have addressed integrating technology into the day to day lives and support for the people they work with.

Find out how they do it, the positive outcomes for the people they support and problems they have encountered along the way.


Taith Ltd will talk about Here2there and how it can help increase people’s choice, voice and control by capturing evidence of outcomes.

North Wales Learning Disability Transformation Project will discuss the use of personalised technology and the ambitions of the project to increase people’s choice, voice and control through the use of technology.

Hft will address their personalised and tailored approaches to implementing Personalised Technology, including how technology played a key role in increasing people’s independence in a large-scale move-on project
how they tailor their approach to working with local authorities to reach the best outcomes for the recipients of services and commissioners.

Who is this event for?

This event is for anyone involved in providing or commissioning support services for people with a learning disability as well as people with a learning disability and parent and carers.

Tuesday 10 March, 10:00 – 12:30


80 places available
Ticket for anyone who does not fall into any of the categories below.
£45.00 per person / day
For organisations with an annual income of less than £1Million.
£35.00 per person / day
Person with a learning disability
Anyone who has a learning disability attending in their own capacity or as a representative of an organisation as volunteer, member or employee.
£15.00 per person / day
Parent / Family Carer
Anyone who is an unpaid carer for a person with a learning disability. The person with a learning disability does not have to be with the person.
£15.00 per person / day
Paid Support
A paid carer supporting someone with a learning disability to attend the event who would not be able to attend/participate fully without support
£15.00 per person / day
Anyone who is registered as a full or part time student not in employment
£15.00 per person / day
Date: 10/03/2020
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