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This course focuses on how we can use Mindfulness within our own lives as well as a way of supporting other people. This course looks into how we cope with stress and how we can use Mindfulness to help reduce the impact it has on our lives and of the people around us. Person Centred Planning will be explored as a way of supporting people who have a learning disability to be able to use Mindfulness in a way that most makes sense to them. The course will demonstrate how Mindfulness can be a useful skill when supporting people with a learning disability.

This course will:

  • provide a basic understanding of Mindfulness
  • provide a basic understanding of how Person Centred Planning can help when introducing Mindfulness techniques to individuals and groups
  • teach participants some Mindfulness techniques that can be practiced at home and in the work place
  • teach participants Person Centred Planning tools that will help when introducing Mindfulness techniques to individuals and groups.

 Course includes:

  • a brief history of Mindfulness
  • mindfulness exercises for individuals and groups
  • an overview of Person Centred Planning
  • Person Centred Planning skills that work well alongside Mindfulness
  • some techniques and approaches – how Mindfulness is for everyone
  • coping with stress
  • current research, relevant stories and experiences.

Designed for:

People who provide support to people with a learning disability including families, carers (paid or unpaid), private/voluntary organisations, and local authorities. Individuals with a learning disability are also very welcome. An awareness of Person Centred Planning is desirable but not essential.

Advisory note:  This course begins to explore stress and how to cope with stress. As such, emotions may be stirred that some people might find difficult. The course will explore ways to manage thoughts and feelings but anyone experiencing difficulty may wish to discuss this with either someone close to them or their GP.