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Course aims

According to research more than a third of the workplace population are experiencing mental health issues such as depression, stress or anxiety. Many people have experienced mental health issues or know someone who has and this is very true of the workplace.

More employers and managers are recognising the need to invest in training to help their staff and organisation understand mental health better and how to make the workplace more mentally healthy.

This training will give staff and managers a better understanding of a range of mental health issues and how they impact the workplace. We will look at ways to improve positive mental health and wellbeing and how investing in good practices is likely to have hugely positive effects for all.

Course includes

  •  What is workplace wellbeing and how is it relevant to my workplace?
  •  A guide to depression, anxiety and stress.
  •  Other common mental health issues you may have heard of but were too afraid to ask about.
  • How to approach mental health in the workplace.
  •  How to help a colleague who may be going through a difficult time.
  •  Creating a more mentally healthy workplace.
  •  An introduction to mindfulness for the workplace and how it can benefit your organisation.

Designed for

This training session is for staff and managers wanting to learn more about this topic and ways to implement it.